Thinking Cup’s Open! Thinking Cup’s Open!

Thinking Cup

Yes, it deserved that redundant title. The Hanover St. Thinking Cup was supposed to have opened August 23, 2012 according to Boston Magazine. It just opened last week.

I am beyond excited. I’m here for the first time this afternoon, and am having a decaf English Breakfast tea and 3 of their new holiday mini cupcakes to celebrate.

The space is phenomenal – narrow and deep, with many more tables and stools than the Tremont location. (And it’s not overrun by  students who think that it’s an extension of the dining hall and sit at tables for hours without buying anything. If you are going to sit there and work, you should be buying at least one beverage or food item per hour. It’s courteous. And don’t even get me started on the students whom I’ve seen bring their own food and beverage in!)

The tables are topped with laminated historical front pages from local papers, and interesting old photos hang on the wall. It’s heavily wooded display case makes the desserts look very tempting. And the trance music (Pandora Global Chill?) in the background provides a nice soundtrack.

I could sit here for hours. (But I will of course, buy more to drink if I do.) But alas, I have things to do to get ready for the holidays.

I will be back.

Probably every day.

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