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Today I flew home from Amsterdam. What a fabulous trip! It’s always a bit depressing to go home after vacation, so I like to do small things to cheer myself up and extend the vacation enjoyment. One of them is bringing a local treat for lunch or dinner on the flight home. I’ve known what I wanted to bring since the day I arrived in Amsterdam and walked into this shop:


Haarlemmerstraat 93

Ibericus is a delicatessen/small restaurant from Spain which is dedicated to the meat from the Ibérican pig, sometimes referred to as the “pata negra” because of the pig’s black hoof, which was evident from their display. These pigs are fed naturally on grass and herbs, and the case of the best Ibérican ham, acorns only, giving them a very distinct rich, earthy, nutty taste after aging.




They sold vacuum packs of the ham and Spanish cheeses as well. So I purchased a small pack of the acorn-fed Jamòn Ibérico, a pack of lomo embuchado ibérico de bellota, a pack of some very flavorful los ibores goat’s milk cheese, and another very hard sheep’s milk cheese. Unfortunately I forgot to buy bread, but the owner of Proeverij 247, where we ate last night, was kind enough to sell me a small loaf at dinner, so that I wouldn’t have to eat my ham and cheese without it. (And this bread was so good, I’m not sure I would have done better getting it elsewhere.) I paired it all with the only red wine on Delta’s beverage cart (I think it came out of a box.), and it made vacation’s end a little less sad.


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