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I love cupcakes. Period. Tell me they are passe. Tell me that pie is the new cupcake. I don’t care. I’ll remain true to my cupcakes. I’ve tried cupcakes in a lot of places, and so far, my favorite is Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle. Their cupcakes meet all of the important cupcake criteria:

  • They have an ideal cupcake-to-frosting ratio – Generous enough to ensure that you get frosting with every bite of cake, but it doesn’t overwhelm the cake.
  • The frosting is just the right amount of sweet and doesn’t use artificial fat – Sickly sweet frosting ruins a cupcake; and using crisco, margerine or other inferior fats in the frosting make it taste fake. It’s called “buttercream frosting” for a reason.
  • Their cake tastes homemade – I definitely don’t want a cupcake that tastes like it came from hostess or something.
  • The cake is moist, but not mushy – Really, who wants a mushy cupcake or one that’s dry? Frosting can’t fix a dry cake.
  • good variety of well-executed flavor combinations – Trophy has a cupcake for everyone,  from traditionalists who want a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting to someone who wants a more contemporary flavor like salted caramel. (And yes, I’ve pretty much tried every flavor they have had at this point.) They haven’t entered the realm of the trendy off-the-wall flavors, but really, who needs a tomato soup cupcake or bluberry acai pomegranate chocolate cupcake?

Right now, they are featuring the holiday flavors in addition to their standard cupcakes…including candy cane which is chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting dusted with crushed up candy cane, and a spicy gingerbread topped with cream cheese frosting. We also got a red velvet (buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa topped with cream cheese frosting and a cute little red heart and a triple coconut (coconut cake with coconut butter cream topped with coconut). Since these were for the weekend, we had to get one to eat at trophy, so we had a chocolate marshmallow cupcake, which is essentially a s’mores cupcake with graham cracker crust, chocolate cake and a beautiful bruleed marshmallow frosting.

We ate our s’mores cupcake at the little tables just outside the Trophy Shop in Wallingford Center, which is an old converted grammar school. The table reminded me of something we had in elementary school, complete with the plastic resin chairs. The Trophy shop is inviting with a warm and homey turquoise and blue branding and an enticing display of their cupcakes for sale and the mini ones available for order. For any cupcake lover, or even someone who just likes them a bit, Trophy is a Seattle must-do.

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