Lunchbox: Butternut Squash Cherry Salad

Today’s lunch was a riff on the Audubon kale salad. This morning I noticed that one of my butternut squash was starting to get a bit funny, so I cubed it, tossed it with some olive oil, salt, and cinnamon and roasted it. I also put a pan of kale chips in. When each were done, I tossed the squash and some totally tart Chukar cherries, and packed a side bag of the kale chips and some toasted pine nuts. At lunch I tossed them together for a tasty salad. Though next time, I’ll opt for one of the sweeter Chukar cherries, perhaps the Rainer, the tart ones were very tart.

I ate this salad with a side of steamed broccoli and a side of the braised purple cabbage that I made last week. I’ve eaten every day and am still only through half of it! I’m finishing lunch with a butter lettuce salad topped with a few leftover roasted curried carrots and parsnips and fresh haruki turnips. It’s topped with my favorite mustard vinegarette:

1/2 part honey
1 part mustard
3 parts vinegar
1 part olive oil
Salt and pepper

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