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Saus has been open for a while, and until today, I just hadn’t gotten there. Which is somewhat surprising since I have such fond memories of eating frites in Belgium, and that is precisely what they serve in addition to other Belgian street food, real Belgian waffles (actually called Liege waffles), and, of course, Belgian beer.

We ran 7 miles today, so it seemed perfectly reasonable that lunch could be built around frites. I had no idea that Saus had the street food as well. So we started with frikendels. What is a frikendel? Or a ‘frik’ as they call it in casual terms? It is basically a hamburger shaped like a hot dog, deep fried, then topped with one of several sauces (sauses?).

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Yes, it’s probably not something to eat every day. Or every week. But we did run 7 miles, and I didn’t eat the bread (though it was fresh Iggy’s bread, which is pretty spectacular). I got the one called “burger…kinda”, which was topped with andalouse saus, diced dill pickles, and chopped onions. It was not, as I feared, greasy. Rather, it bordered on dry but was well-seasoned, a perfect base for the rich, piquant andalouse saus, which is blend of mayo, paprika, onion, and ketchup. And the tart dill pickles and gently sharp white onions provided bright notes.

We also had frites, of course. And 4 sauses. The frites were fresh out of the fryer, and tasted a lot like the ones I’d had in Houffalize, sitting in a chair by the river at sunset. Crisp on the outside, light and fluffy inside – salty potato goodness that really didn’t need a saus. But they had 13 amazing sounding ones to choose from, and the 4 we had were all distinctly flavored yet paired perfectly with the frites. We got an andalouse, which was the same as the one on my frik and the cheddar duvel, which was a mini cheese fondue of sharp and mild cheddar mixed with Duvel ale. We also got the curry ketchup, which is a popular European style of ketchup, mixing regular ketchup with a mild curry powder to give it a sweet, flavorful spiciness. And we had the colonel mustard, which was Night Shift Somerweis beer mixed with mustard seed and honey. It was hard to pick a favorite because they were all so good. And there are still 9 other ones that we didn’t try.

We also didn’t have room to try the Liege waffles. So we really have no choice but to go back.

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