Eggplant Season Comes to a Close

When I was very young, my dad was an ardent fan of Public Television’s Victory Garden, and he created one of his very own in our backyard. I have vague memories of eating the vegetables that we grew there, but I clearly remember having a lot of them, particularly zucchini. So much zucchini that my mom kept giving them away because she couldn’t use them quickly enough. Overnight it seemed, buds would develop into massive green gourds.

My dad stopped gardening before I was even in my teens, probably because he was too busy with work, and none of us were really interested in helping him with the garden. Now I regret it. Until I started the Siena Farms CSA, it had been years since I’d had vegetables as good as those from our own garden and the local farm stands. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bitten into a veg from the CSA box and said “I forgot that this is what a [insert any vegetable name] really tastes like!”

What I’d really forgotten was the cyclical ebbs and flows of seasonal produce availability. I’d forgotten what it was like to have tons of one particular vegetable in a very short time frame, a time frame in which that veg is so perfectly delicious that you can’t bear to waste it. And that is intensified knowing that it will only be that way for a short time. We’ve gotten so removed from this with the year round availability of every kind of produce regardless of location. Along with that change, we’ve sacrificed taste. And we’ve sacrificed the appreciation of the vegetable for it’s seasonal appearance.

I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of eggplant arriving in the box. I LOVE eggplant.

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