Lunchbox: Egg Salad w/Capers on CSA Arugula

egg salad


It turns out that I don’t hate dill as much as I thought I did. We got a whole bunch of it in this week’s CSA, and my initial thought was “Well, I can just toss that into the garbage.” But I didn’t.

And today I was inspired to try it. It’s hot in Boston right now. Really hot. Literally 98 degrees outside, so I wanted something cool and refreshing. I had two hardboiled eggs in the fridge that I hadn’t used up in a lunch, so egg salad came to mind. And dill seemed like an appropriate herb to use in it.

I chopped the dill with a bit of dread. There were only 2 eggs, so if the dill overpowered it, like dill so often does in my opinion, I was going to have to start from scratch and boil more eggs. I put about a teaspoon of it in with my two eggs, and put together a little egg salad that went something like this:


egg salad prep

Egg Salad for One

2 hardboiled eggs, shelled

1 Tblsp mayonnaise

1 1/2 Tsp French’s yellow mustard (I like that extra vinegary tang in my egg salad or deviled eggs.)

1 Tbsp capers

1 Tsp chopped dill

1/2 tsp sweet paprika

Salt & Pepper to taste (light on the salt because the capers are very salty)

Mash everything together. Serve atop fresh arugula lightly dressed with a vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper dressing.

It was exactly what I needed for lunch on a hot day. Light, cool, and refreshing. The peppery, fairly crispy arugula provided a nice crunchy contrast to the soft, creamy egg salad. The egg salad was sweet and creamy with the capers cutting through the fat to provide a tart, salty brightness. And the egg salad dressing blended smoothly with the vinegar-only arugula dressing to form a slightly creamy vinegarette that made the whole salad taste very cohesive.

I was surprised how well the capers and dill worked together. I hadn’t tried that before. But then again, I’m not sure I’ve ever cooked with dill. The capers are the Santorini capers that M and C brought back from me, and they have ruined all other capers for me.



All domestic capers now pale in comparison. Those hard, compact, overly brined, almost painfully salty, bland caper pellets. The Santorini capers are large, tender, and full of bright caper flavor, tasting more like a ripe caper than the briny liquid in which they are packed. I can literally eat them with a spoon – yes, they are still salty but more caper-y than salty. Not the salt bomb that the ones we get here are. I’m going to be very bummed when this jar is gone.


Now it’s time for some more Saturday chores, and perhaps a trip to JP Licks later to get more of that ridiculously good Salted Caramel ice cream they have right now. I can’t think of a better treat for a hot day like today unless it involved a tropical adult beverage on the beach!


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