Dinner for a Terrorist Hunt


steak frites

This has truly been a most bizzare and scary week. I’m sitting here hundreds of miles from home, having unknowingly gotten out this morning mere minutes before the city went under lockdown orders.

I’ve tried to work from my remote spot, but it hasn’t been easy since I can hardly tear myself away from CNN and Twitter. It’s been this way since it all started last night when the local news broke that an MIT policeman had been shot. I’d hoped to steal a few hours sleep between the Fleetwood Mac concert (awesome, BTW) and my ridiculously early flight out. But it was obvious early on that something larger than a simple robbery was unfolding, and I couldn’t shut the newsoff. When I boarded my flight to the ATL in the middle of the night super early this morning, only Watertown was under lockdown. By the time we were wheels down in the ATL, the entire city was under a shelter in place order.

I’m exhausted. Not only because I didn’t sleep last night, but because of this entire week. I cannot fathom what has happened in my city or how close I was to it, and how much even closer my family was. I’ve napped once already today, and would like to sleep for the rest of the weekend.

So how nice it is that someone is making dinner for me. That’s all I want right now, a simple quiet dinner at “home”. Even though I’m not actually at home, and it isn’t so quiet because we still can’t shut CNN off. And it’s kind of like we are watching a Ben Affleck movie, but we aren’t. If we were, we would likely be dismissing the plot as too over-the-top and unbelieveable.


My tastes are broad and diverse, but tonight I want simple. Steak Frites. A beautifully marbled T-bone brought to room temperature and encrusted with salt, pepper, and hot pepper flakes before being draped across the oiled grill on the apartment porch in the waning daylight this warm Atlanta afternoon. Asparagus dressed in olive oil, salt and pepper, wrapped in foil and laid alongside the steak to steam. OreIda tater tots and fries. Mushrooms, onions and a few japalenos sauteed in garlic, olive oil and butter. A glass of red wine. Company of someone I’ve known for most of my adult life.

We eat at TV tables in front of CNN instead of at the table. And as we find sustenance and comfort in the flavorful steak, we watch the drama unfold and the suspect get captured. A Hollywood ending to a terrifying week. We watch the celebrations and clink glasses. I tweet and see the texts coming in from family and friends. As glad as I was to leave Boston this morning, I’m sad to not be there to celebrate with them as well as remember the victims.


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